Damned spot

This is not a confession, nor an act of contrition,

I just need some advice, writing a petition,

Asking this government to make haste making good their decision, to invest extra funds in those constituencies, that recently switched loyalties,

and these funds to be focused on therapeutic agencies,

because unlike the Natural Born Tories,

We knew, the phrase, ‘The NHS is not safe in their hands’, was, and is true,

We knew,

And the blind eye we turned was red, white and blue,

So here, it’s not bog roll over which people jostle and scrap,

it’s all the perfumes of Arabia,

And boy do we clap,

We clap and clap and clap until our hands turn red,

As red, as guilt shot eyes, from which sleep has fled,

As red as our shared conscience pricked and pricked and pricked,

By the barbed lies we swallowed, Party tricked,

1979 to 2020

What distancing?

There’s no such thing,

It’s individual spacing,

Health is a private thing,

Society! Here?, I blame Beijing,