Applauding, after so many years of defrauding,

Our national health and well being,

My ears can’t believe what they’re seeing,

Who’d imagine it would ever make sense, the phrase, ‘appalling applauding’

It’s more than galling,

This fake applause,

Jaws, dropping to floors,

Like flies,

Remembering the look of glee in their eyes,

When rejecting the motion of the nurses pay rise,

Parliamentary guffaws, oh but now, there’s applause,

Aren’t there bylaws, against applause,

With a severity, of insincerity, that’s off the scale,

When our health and well being is still up for sale,

Bring back Hughie Green’s clap-trap-emitter,

Something that measures the mark of the bull shitter,

This Tory applause,

For those casualties of their class wars,


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