Who doesn’t like a good Sacrifice?


The usual night city sound in the back ground; including the sound of a helicopter in the distance. The sound of the helicopter throughout the scene gets a little louder, just enough to get 50% of the listeners attention, until the engine falters and stops and it becomes silent.

The close up of the rear side door and the window of a luxury car. The interior of the car is not visible; only the reflection on the window. In the reflection on the window you see a young women (JEAN) and young man (JAMES). The young women is holding the young man’s face between her hands.


Oh … (Pause)

Jean turns her back on James, but remains the same distance from him.


Please don’t be like this …


All you have to do is say hi … introduce your self to him, he won’t bite …


What do you want me to do to make you understand … have an attack … you want me to sneeze all over him … what kind of impression is that going to give … eh?


Sh … he might hear you …


(lowered voice)

You want to see my eyes puff up like a frog, bulge out of their sockets … and my nose run like a tap all over his leather upholstery?.. you want to humiliate me in front of your Father? …


Your serious?


Of course I am … do you think I would tell you I was allergic to cats as some kind of joke?


Well … yes, I … you are joking I can tell by the look on you

face … come on now we’ve left him waiting long enough now …

JEAN’S hand appears below the window and takes hold of the car door hand … JAMES’ hand rests on top of her hand.


Please Jean … can’t I meet him another time …


A helicopter blade lands on the top of the car and slides off.

In the reflection of the car window a helicopter blade comes from the top of the car and decapitates JEAN and JAMES. The decapitated bodies pause for a moment and the hands holding the car door try to hold each other before the hands fall out of shot as the bodies do.



The shot of the car window and door appears now to be being played on a screen that fills the screen. The window is beginning to be wound down automatically showing an elderly casually dressed man sitting with a cat on his lap on the other side of the car from the opening window. Through out the rest of the action the man is seen through the wound down window moving with difficulty and despair across the back seat to get to the door to see what has happened. Slowly as the camera pulls back to show the screen is a giant screen at the back of a stage were a young well dressed dynamic young women is standing in front of a speakers podium and there is the sound of cheers from a huge crowd. The film is being shown in a huge open air auditorium. Money is floating down on to the stage and a liquid coming down on to the stage in a similar fashion to a sprinkler is creating a red mist in front of the screen. The fine mist of blood covers the womens face clothes and arms in a light film.


A head and shoulder shot of the women licking the red substance from around her mouth that is lightly covering her, and the crowd scream in delighted disgust.


Shame the money isn’t real…

Audience laugh

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