‘Cut’, Massimo took out a lighter and lit the cigarette for the Maestro. He took a deep drag and looked across the vast expanse of sand to the silenced waves crashing against the distance. The cast and crew looked over at his grim silence, everyone except Roman soldier two, Bobby, who was having problems with his motivation. Well that’s one way to describe it. It was the false beard and moustache that was giving him problems, they looked to real, despite the collagen enhanced lips they adorned. The assistant director, Judy, had took him a side earlier and explained to him, that Roman soldiers were in no way Christian, to them Jesus was scum, a terrorist type figure. There were violent attempted uprisings against the Occupying forces of Rome around this time which Jesus may have been implicated in. Through out this pep talk Roman soldier one, Ray, had been smirking at Roman soldier two, Bobby. He knew it was in fact the beard and moustache that were making it difficult for Roman soldier two, Bobby, to maintain his erection. Roman soldier two, Bobby, couldn’t count the number of times he had appeared in Flicks with Jesus, Candy Stripes, with out any problems; she was a very motivating performer.

Roman soldier two’s, Bobby’s, attempt at maintaining motivation by looking from under his brow at Jesus’, Candy Stripes’, magnificent rear that Roman soldier one, Ray, was caressing, had come to no avail; the Maestro had insisted that Roman soldier two, Bobby, needed to be looking into the face of Jesus, Candy Stripes.

The Maestro lifted his hand and Massimo announced to the cast and crew to take five.

‘Massimo, remember …’ The Maestro looked out across the silent ocean like it was a silver silent screen in motion. Massimo waiting, knew what ever it was the Maestro was going to recall it was going to be from their time in the sun. Their time in the glorious warming sun of resistance all those years ago.

‘Remember Hector’s face and Chivenso spluttering on his wine’ … Massimo’s face lit up with the recollection.

‘That shadow, that shadow across her face, across the land.’

‘Across the world Maestro’.

The Maestro took in Massimo’s eyes for a moment and returned to the ocean. The hours they had spent working to re create that final moment just as the Maestro had seen it in his vision; and all the time knowing if they were caught they would be arrested and maybe executed. All except the Maestro ofcourse, they would not dare harm a hair on his head. They did eventually arrest him and sent him into exile. But not before he had created such visions of inspiration for those resisting the Fascist Barbarism.

‘Light passing through a shadow, like it had travelled from another universe?’ Hector began to remonstrated, knowing full well if the Maestro had a vision, the image will be done.

It was the closing scene, Sandra could not bring her self to leave Alessandro. How could she risk her life when she was loved so much and was so much in love? How could she do some thing that he, who she admired and loved, could not do him self, and he a man.

The moon light was the light that was to reveal to the audience her decision. Through the shadow of the bridge where they were sharing moments of tender love, hidden; like her people had concealed from themselves their passive acceptance of the new power of hate and intolerance that had infected the fabric of their lives.

Whilst Hector shrugged and protested that Chivenso stop laughing at him, the Maestro lifted his glass of Grapo dipped the tips of two fingers in it and held them up watching Hector and Chivenso as two drops fell on to the table top.

‘Two tears, two tears, that is all we need. Tears that can only be seen in the shadow as the moon light picks them out like watery stars … So the audience will have to strain to see these drops of pain ouse from her, like they are looking in to the darkness of the night sky’.

Chivenso stopped laughing and asked, ‘two tears?, surely one tear Fabiano’

‘No, Chivenso, two sorrows, two tears’

The Maestro had drifted far out in to the ocean of his heroic past. The crew and cast waited.

‘I can’t fuck the face of Christ’ protested Roman soldier two, Bobby, and ‘The moustache is tickling my cock.’.

When you owe the wrong kind of people money you got do what you’ve gotta do.

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