‘so where and when, did we decide what is worth money or not, I’m assuming that decision was not made on the basis of what we have or haven’t got, I think I’m talking about the sub plot, the real we, the substance of what we like to think of as the basis of democracy, Oh dear, have we left it up to money to decide for itself what it is or isn’t worth?’
‘Sucking through last straws, sitting behind locked doors; is it the sucking or what we suck up that gives us such, pause? This story begins with sitting in a job centre, behind sliding doors, there is sucking, there is pause… and last straws.’
‘price as consequence, in the head lights of the present tense, frozen, in a token, casting a shadow puppet adherence, a kin to the cave wall experience, the Platonic one, a forlorn abstraction, prices just a reaction, to the reaction of prices… reaction!, reactionary money,’
‘Money begs questions with see saw sighs, of empty cradle rocking eyes, Beseeching answers from silent air, carbonised good byes, Bargains to take the breath away!’
‘No one’s owed a life if no one is owed a living, Lives are debts, and debts are lives for collection’
‘So, I was thinking about money, And it might just be me, but, may be its a forgery; minted? Have you ever heard, such a smoke screen of a word, for something that’s just printed? and if money is just printed, just a print! then deep down, deep down we’re all skint.’
‘It’s the siren on the rocks you see, money, it came as a shock to me, money that it put the mock in de-moc-racy, money but, now I understand what they mean by liquidity, taking the piss, money’



A selection of pieces of writing.

Citizens Advice


A six part Radio series - A day in the life of a Citizens Advice Bureau that coincides with a documentary being made.

Money is as innocent as the sun

The spoken word / music show mixed on film.

Money is as innocent as the gun - the book


Money is as innocent as the Sun - the album