At the moment this blog is preparing to perform and stream live performances of versions of moneyisasinnocentasthegun. If there are any venues that you would like the piece to be performed or public places that you think would be appropraite for it to be streamed from, add to the blogg.

The next performance, date TBC, is in a public place maybe at a Matalan shop in Edinburgh, if some one can be found to operate the streaming device.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am emailing you regarding your upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show s including ‘moneyisas.’

    We are an Edinburgh based Video production company called Transmission Productions who specialise in filming live events.

    We have 8 years experience of filming at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and have filmed everything from Dance and Drama to Concerts and Comedy.

    This year we are offering a professional 2 camera package with full editing and delivered in full HD for £290.

    We can also produce short promo’s or offer you the raw footage of your show if you desire.

    If this is something that you are interested in then please get in touch to book our services or talk through your options.

    Joe Carter
    B.A.(Hons) Audio-Visual Media

    Previous clients include:
    All3Media, Spank!, Objective Talent Management,Dead Parrot Comedy Channel, Craig Campbell, Nikki Nouveau, Penny Dreadful, Joel Dommett, Lisa Thomas Management,Catie Wilkins,Card Ninja, Jammy Voo, Neil Kelso Magician, Red 24 Management,Pete Antoniou……………..

  2. Hi – whoever is putting up flyers for your show, used blue-tac to place them all over our gallery windows at Dovecot Studios. We are also a private business, which maybe you should let whoever is putting up your flyers that despite the Festival, not all spaces are suitable for flyers.

    Thank you.

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