the words that I have here, with me,

no arrangement of words could there be,

that are possessed by such a power of contradiction,

more so than godless prayers are fiction,

their meaning, sense, disintegrates,

you will not recognise who loves or hates,

who dreams or wakes,

who gives or takes,

these words will not turn life upside down,

no, they are not so kind and as simple to make a king a clown,

or a smile a frown,

no not as easy as to turn the world upside down,

nor turn it inside out,

of course we can cope with doubt,

No, these words will loose you to loss,

to the degree that you feel found,

you may not bare their sound.

Money is dead,

There, I’ve said it out loud, (address money …)

and there I see descends the shroud,

Now, we must live in a state of the greatest mystery?

not sure what it is we do or do not see,

All worth fleeced,

now the infinite is deceased,

Oh but that we could, ‘Perish the thought’,

the difference is lost between sold or bought,

Between ……..

How are we to cope, what does this mean to what we understand by hope,

and charity,

are we and life now free?

Should we allow a period of mourning, for the sake of decency,

before we declare this world free?

One more circulation, one more spending pretending spree; as a sign of respect,

or is that opportunistic distasteful circumspect,

to spend to borrow, to lend, in such sorrow, knowing full well that money is dead,

one more full circulation for old times sake,

to place a last desperate stake,  

A sombre circulation, without fraternal ties,

and lets see who cries, as its funeral procession passes by,

I think I know who will cry and cry,

for whom there will be no consolation to be found,

their grief will be nothing if not calculation,

for whom money and life there is no separation,  

one more chance to take that bribe, to forge that note,to look out to sea waiting still for that boat,

One last taste of fraud and forgery, making a killing and grand larceny,

before we bid money a final adieu,

but,well; there is more to tell,

it appears from the post mortum that every thing has actually been in lieu –

You see, now I know your not going to believe this is true,

but, money has always been dead,

Oh, that was hard, but it had to be said,

Will we wear our possessions now, like a veil,in money’s memory,

and to cover the shame, that we were all once for sale?,

that that which was the measure of to succeed or to fail,

was in fact dead, a measureless measure that we believed,

maybe its for us, that we should grieve,

What have we done, what have we been doing,

what on this earth have we been pursuing, all this time,

not to inter the dead is a crime,

and we have been spending money all this time,

but now of course there is no time with out money,

like it was the elixir life, and was in fact …

lets be honest, money, not many grew to love you,

but many did not grow, because of the love of you,  

money is dead, long live the rich,

a bit of a puzzling statement to unstitch,

money is dead, long live the rich,

a bit of a what is what and which is which?

money is dead, long live the rich?,

like some double crossed back stitch,

money is dead, long live the rich?,

a bit of sound bit, spun glitch,

money is dead, long live the rich,

is this some kind of ironic joking?

Trying to be avantgardeishly provoking,

money is dead, long live the rich?

money is dead, long live the rich”, lets go shout it in the streets make it clear we’re not joking,

long life, especially to those whose fingers and heads and necks in diamonds are soaking,

money is dead,

Now that money is dead, they can have their priceless prices spinning around and around inside their head,

now, 24 carrots is equal to 24 carrots, enough said,

money is dead,and we would be best advised to realise

those ideas are just in their head,

to which we should no longer be wed,

Cause it’s not just against the law to marry the dead,

Consummated or not,

So farewell money, gone and, not yet forgot,  

money is dead, long live the rich,I think that would relieve the biggest ever in the history of itch,

money is dead, long live the rich,

It has a certain conciliatory reconciling pitch,

money is dead, long live the rich,

Like something Mandela might have said,

Long live the whites, apartheid is dead,

money is dead, long live the rich, is no joke,

I wish them long life those rich folk,

Yes, I hope their demise does not arrive in any hurry,

they will need so much time digging so many holes to bury,  

now burying money’s mortal coil,

they’re going to have to get their hands dirty in our soil,

and if they want to be buried along with their wealth,well,

of course not, thats clearly a matter of mental health,

lets hope medication can be avoided,for those whose thoughts alas will still be

shrouded,in money’s mystery,while the rest us take this world and set it free,    

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