the government are going to re-introduce the wolf to these shores, don’t you know,

its part of an attempt to reduce those figures of poverty, to an all time low,


I don’t mean we’re going to have wolves prowling up and down our beaches,

no, we would fight them on them, wouldn’t we, wouldn’t we; so history teaches,


the government’s concern is, it could create some kind of moral ideological prism,

stories being spread of impoverished parental acts of heroism,


so, neither are wolves going to be released in to the wild,

well, a parent or carer, in such places, will usually accompany a child,


and the poor shown in such a light, not something this government can allow,

it might,

insight full fill,

minds awash in newspaper ink swill,

and who knows what such insight might instill,


So, the government are changing those draconian child protection rules,

to allow wolves in to schools,


Not all schools, of course,

that would probably lead to a spate of divorce,


amongst MP’s

they’re just going have to swallow the fact this exemption may lead to an increase school fees,


But then again what is money for,

if not to keep the wolf from the school gates or the door,


You see, wolves aren’t what they use to be,

they can’t be relied upon in the reduction of adult poverty,


the prowess of the wolf, is some what fabled,

unless that adult was by any chance, sick, weak with hunger and/or disabled,


I can see the Atos decisions,

and the application for revisions,

based on the claimant’s in ability to use fire arms,

not having any,


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