Property 2 …

All (wolves) members of the ruling class appearing in this work are fictitious,

Any resemblance to (wolves) such members dead or alive is purely coincidental

Lets remember, so we can forget,

lets remember so we can let, go of now,

a difficult time we’re not ready to face, not yet,

not now,

lets remember how,

it was, when it wasn’t now,

when remembering wasn’t done to forget,

it was when the present and the future met,

and it held them together like our flesh and our bones,

it wasn’t just being ceremonied and set in stones,

in the politician’s foreboding tones,

with words portentous of our regretting,

in the annual memory letting,

                                  everything is ok, in this state of not forgetting,

‘Lest we forget’,

the caution that debt,

that remembering,

surely not in a continuum,

two minutes silence one ceremony,

thanks and no thanks for the memory,

Our leaders flower power adorned,

expressions on their faces suitably amourned,

‘Comrades in arms’,

in the mouths of our leaders,

minus the munitions,

that expression begins to lose its charms,

‘Comrades in arms’,

they relish that phrase, and how it embalms,

heroism’s enflamed cooperation,

as war as nation,

how it stills it’s possibilities,

as seen in the movies,


in words and deeds,

whose seeds,

we gathered up for those sacrificing fields,

sown seeds,

grew liberating deeds,

not to be,

enwaged as the property of tyranny,

flowering as a camaraderie,

against the tyranny of property,

Comradeships flower was all we had to wield,

for the damage and the damaged to begin to be healed,

until Chancellor Healy borrowed an unrequired 2.5 billion pounds from the IMF, in 1976,

the Cloak and dagger lot, the Military Insects Five, were they up to their very British tricks,

as Premier Callaghan,

postponed an election,

that he would have won,

until that very cold and unprecedented agitated winter was gone,

and so was he,

and hungry,

wolf waited wet,

breath baited set,

whisper whispered net,

promises to catch regret, no regret, no regret,

lets we, lets we, lets we forget,

lets we, lets we, lets we forget,

what ever it was that had you, had us, in such a state of belief,

conflating each individual’s grief,

as if, as if, as if it could be your – ours?

Using a language of love’s propangandared powers,

a generation to generate sacrifices agitation,

sacrifices agitation to obligate,


a shell shook,

grief struck nation,

in to pursuing peace like it was war,

like peace could be won or …”

lost, we forgot,

and the last precious memorial is on the the lot,

up for sale,

when every thing is, its not just a dog that can be wagged by its tale,

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