‘Your alright, just control your breathing …’ The biscuit in her hand crumbled on to the floor. He didn’t notice.

‘I am not alright, I am not flipping alright, I’m … How can you sit there and tell me I’m alright …You’ve lost your … you wouldn’t have said that when we were first going out … no …’ She raised he tearful eyes to the sky and wished she was a vampire, and then placed the inhaler over her mouth and inhaled without malice.

‘That is not fair … no … I, when we were first going out I didn’t know what was happening when your like this; I use to panic’. He wasn’t bald exactly.

‘Panic or not you use to make sure I was comfortable, you’d open the window and ask me if I was alright about every 30 seconds.’ She placed her cinderelled foot on top of the fallen biscuit.

‘Its going to rain’, half furled from his fuddled mouth.

‘Excuses become you’,


‘Excuses become you’,

‘Don’t start with that, there off’. He leaned forward out of sight and out of mind of his one true love and stared at the screen.

‘I’ll have that put on your tomb stone’,

‘Tomb stone? What do you think this is the wild west? You mean grave stone, what did he say he was going to be wearing?’.


‘Who? The bloke from the clinic’.

‘Oh, a giant syringe’,

‘A giant syringe? Whats that got to do with asthma, thats more diabetes isn’t?’

‘Can you sit back a bit please’

He budged up along the sofa and remained at his safe obtuse angle.

‘A lot of people will be disappointed, I would be if I’d sp …’

She leaned toward him dropping a heavy hand on his shoulder.

‘You didn’t sponsor him?’ He resisted her pulling him back to face her.

‘I was going to … but he’d gone by the time I got back from the toilet’. He leaned back so her hand slipped off his shoulder glimpsing a flash of her eyes, and leaned forward to the safety of the screen.

‘A lot people will be disappointed, a giant syringe?’ A short silence passed with out comment as they both stared at the screen looking for a man in a giant syringe that would have been a giant inhaler if it weren’t for an accident.

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