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  • Money is as innocent as the Sun – a film of the show – an album forthcoming
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“There are a lot of spoken word artists who play with a backup band of some kind. Not so many that do both spoken word and music at the same time — and do both things brilliantly. Geoff Winde might just be the philosopher-poet-musician you didn’t know you were looking for.” (David Rovics)

Money is as innocent as the Gun

Nominated for 'best spoken word show' - Greater Manchester Fringe Festival (2014) 
' Money’s grasp on society is made palpable …
 uses theological metaphors, comparisons with police states, and the simple question,
 “When did we decide what money’s worth?” to unravel capitalism’s seeming invincibility.' 
(Poetry Monthly) 

'Its profound, funny, elucidating, polemic, contradictory, and mundane. 
Yes profound AND mundane. Like money. Utterly superb. 
(Jonathan Harris - @jonone100)

Money is as innocent as the Sun

Awarded best spoken word show – Greater Manchester Fringe Festival (2016)

Developing 'Money is as innocent as the Sun' with music accompaniment. 
Working toward producing an album.