Money is as innocent as the Sun – the show


The spoken word/music show mixed on film.
‘Money is as innocent as the Sun’ (best spoken word Greater Manchester Fringe 2016) An underlying theme running through these pieces of spoken word; our vulnerability as a species, with tendencies to be at the mercies of our own creations. Money or life? Is that the choice? ‘ … as debts, to pay which one, a catch 22 like situation, of remuneration, the repayment of one, money, is the other’s collection’.

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“There are a lot of spoken word artists who play with a backup band of some kind. Not so many that do both spoken word and music at the same time — and do both things brilliantly. Geoff Winde might just be the philosopher-poet-musician you didn’t know you were looking for.” (David Rovics)


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