The sun was coming through the window in too much of a hurry for his liking. But he needed to keep his eyes focused on the window, as he had heard the ladder landing against the wall outside the window about 2 minutes ago now. She was going to be coming up those ladders any minute and he was going get his chance to prove it was her who had turned off the heating for the tank that had caused the death of Marcelus, the most exquisite Midas Cichlid he had ever owned. How could it take 2 minutes to climb a ladder?. He gave it another minute then got up from his hiding place and tentatively came toward the open window. The voices below the window made his heart beat itself. That was Marjorie she was talking to, what was she doing here, she was supposed to be in Andover for the weekend. I have never really given it much thought, I was helping my Dad do windows since I was … Michael’s Father was a window cleaner, you know … you don’t say … Yes … don’t tell him I told you … he use to do the office blocks in the City … then was handed the firm by his boss when he contracted what’s-it-called … sounds nasty .. oh! … ha .. no it begin with an L an L? Or is it an R … The phone vibrated in Marjorie’s pocket … Oh .. hold on … that’s probably him now … Who Michael’s Dad? No … Michael, he thinks I’m away in Andover for the weekend …sh! Hello … What? … You want me to what? … Marjorie covered the receiver with her hand I wonder if he’s not contracted something sometimes, the way he goes on … Your not really making any sense .. Why are you speaking so quietly?