Money on going …

Money is dead long live the poor,

I found a twenty pound note the other day,

and wondered, whether it had found me,

I put it back on the path and wondered off,

I hope that road wasn’t covered by cctv,

maybe it could follow me,

The trick is when we have money it really has us,

and when we don’t have money it really has us,

The marriage of money and life

they say money married life for its treasures,

and life married money for its measures,

Most of life’s family and friends had either eaten or urinated on their invitations,

or cried prematurely, especially the trees, but paper always has that effect on them,

Life was marrying for love, and money was marrying for money, but swear he’d change, bum bum,

The only way to stop a bad man with money is a good man with money,

now that sound familiarly funny,

You might say those bankers and traders were mentally ill,

and some kind of regulation is the pill,

He was mentally ill,

maybe he didn’t want to kill,

He just wanted to pull the trigger,

Cash changing hands,

fingers become triggers,

triggers become fingers,

when cash changes hands,

Cash changes hands,

dreams only come true if they can make money – money only comes true if it can make dreams –

there’s a vicious circle in which hopes becomes a schemes –

we wear our possession like a veil,

to hide the shame that we are for sale,

The price of money is like the price of food,

or is that a little crude, for your tastes, pallet,

to put it in a nutshell using a mallet –

money is for, money is for, money is for, money is for, money is for; or against?

Money is just, money is just, money is just, money is just; money?

Polluting, is not the equivalent of looting,

our children’s children’s future,

Not the equivalent of a riot,

no, its very quiet,

If money is a forgery, and worthless,

Doesn’t that mean that every thing is worth so much more?

Did you feel that?

Take away the value of money and we are all rich.

Money is like a dream, a copy of reality, we just need to wake up … wake up … dare you … I’ll do it if you will …

Money is a weapon of mass destruction merged masturbation,

and, that an entire nation,

can feel the shame,

can take the blame,

for private banks,

coming in public faces,

investing for tanks,

to shell foreign places,

sponsor drugs to win races,

buy silence in legal cases,

so many of us vanish with out traces,

and the poor receive the disgraces,

The more there is of some thing the less it is worth is an illusion,

a false conclusion,

based on the notion,

that circulation is the only motion,

that it is all for sale and we are measuring the value of each part,

and not sharing the sum,

The ideology of supply and demand-

what … more than a slight of hand,

The more there is of some thing the less it is worth is an illusion,

a false conclusion,

The more there is of something the more value it has,

because there is more to go around,

to share, and more needs can be found,

Gold and diamonds are nearly worthless,

there is so little to go around,

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