Money is as innocent as the Sun (Part 1)

money is as innocent as the sun,

as debts, to pay which one?,

a catch 22 like situation of remuneration,

the repayment of one, money, is the other’s collection,

at a ‘disinterest rate’ of burgeoning catastrophic extortion,

that will have us, bound and … sorry; that will have them, bound and gagged,

dumped on a beach, wearing concrete shoes, shoes of concrete abstraction,

their muffled cries of Canute-commands falling on the deaf ears of a

sea, which we, have leveraged to become an ocean,

and to pay or to pay is given, all the spin of the question,

maybe this is going to be the resolution, for that walking contradiction,

the species for whom, being is a life or death situation,

my preference is for a slow death; about, this speed, ‘bum bum, maybe a bit slower, bum bum, bum bum, bum bum‘,

life, is Good!, … and then there’s .. living!, bum bum, bum bum, bum bum,

living a temporary state of togetherness, death a permanent state of separation,

this is more than enough of a ridiculous situation,

with out us, putting up with living, being misshapen,

as some kind of repayment scheme, for money’s accumulation,

what is this … a life for death situation!?,

life; a credit to being, mm? Mm? Yes, but surely not to be repaid in the living,

life a given, which has been misshapen, in the accumulating misappropriation, of the commonfold,

in the midst of life, we are in the midst of money, sold,

as it’s numbers unfold, the qualities of life as a subordinate conjunction,

to the loneliest consumption, death,

death, between you and me, money, between you, me,

beyond given, giving or receiving,

a price on your head for not believing, a blasphemy for which,

it’ll cut off your body, and leave you dreaming, on the street,

I repeat, life a given, which money has … ‘ssh’

‘less of this feck- cund abstraction’, I here you say, ‘careful, consider the market’s reaction,’

life, a derivative collateralised speculated excavation,

lives debts, in-securitised, for collection, no prizes for guessing which ones,

this innocence,

the appearance that the difference in skin it can not tell,

as it peels it, in the cell, sell, sell, sell, sell, rise from your money alibis,

money alibis like a bell,

done!, done!, done,

salivating in the sea, its like … salivating in the sea, salivating in the sea …

money, is as innocent as the sun,

the first and maybe the final con-fusion,

the equivalence of light, oh? Oh!, the majesty!, the ‘big regal we, I am’

promise to pay, sovereignty, sham,

all that glittering light, without an atom of truth, in sight, to see,

usurped by this, ‘promise to what?!’, banking dynasty,

the ‘House of Money’, lair,

with its private/public money created out of thin air, whose thin air?, our thin air!, whose thin air?, our thin air!,

whose thin air?, our thin air!,

the ‘House of Money’, to which we owe such a debt of loyalty,

the loyalty of debt,

the default to which this banking money privatised is set, in digitalised, stone,

the education, the car, the wedding, the operation, the home loan,

debt as security?, whose?

if the credit card and the mortgage, had been the rage,

before 1883, there would have been no need to abolish slavery,

it could have been expanded on the grounds of discrimination,

to include 99 percent of the nation,

now subjects of this privatised, monetised, sovereignty,

subjects bereft of a citizens currency,

subjects subjected to this birth-written oath of liquidity,

I swear as a faithful commodity,

not to share, or to lead a life of co-operation, and solidarity,

but to wear these linkless chains of singularity, shackled to the lonely family,

and this I swear by the almighty,

trinity, of money making money, money,

the boundary,

between you, me, between the ‘I and the am’,

‘I borrow therefore, I swallow, there fore I am …

circulated like money’s Spam, lent, bought and sold, spent,

spun atoms, whirling in berserker like insecurity,

our threads of sociality, torn cut unspun, for the respin, of win, win, you’ve got to win,

or you loose, your alone, panic to choose, check your phone,

shopping din, selling grin, just put it in the bin, spending grin, just put it in the bin,

the spending sham, the big therefore I am!’

money spending like a veil, the ‘I am’, shame-faced, the ‘I am’ so alone, when for sale,

spending money like an alibi, paying off your life’s witness to testify,

(hold up credit card)

I swear to spend the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, money,

I can positively identify, it wasn’t me, I was here, in this country,

check my credit card record, there, you see,

this innocence, a more than unhappy coincidence, in increments of less than a dollar a day,

bargains, taking breaths, breaths taken, in bite size payments to hide,

if you are what you eat, what if you repeatedly swallow your pride?,

a Stockholm syndrome epidemic, world wide?,

this is a hostage situation you do need to take a side,

(go into audience and pick up reserved seat notice)

excuse me, erm, sorry to interrupt, You may not have notice but my seat was reserved, I am not with these, people … so if you required any assistance; tying anyone up, foreclosing mortgages, sanctioning benefits, making people redundant, or just persuading these people that there’s nothing to be done … VIP triple A list ..

money, is as innocent as the sun,

a meteoric collision, of concrete abstraction,

beneath this plume of star dust calculating accumulating percentaged refraction,

in its glaring shade, qualities function,

this dark age like dissolution, of worth,

begs the question, is this, our world of this earth,

the last refuge of money, and religion coincidently,

is the same prism, through which to cleanse the eye of humanity,

in a purity, of unadulterated nullity,

in which the worlds a stage, a phase, in profit and prophecy,

and we’re not here, not literally,

this innocence, life’s equivalence,

excelsis-in-extinctions, excelsis-in-abstraction,