consumes the common sense

What?! That’s an expression of surprise …

Ah, I suppose you want me to ask you, what has surprised you; do you?




That was me asking you ‘what’ you are referring to when you say, sorry, said ‘what’,

Oh, thanks, thanks for asking me …

Are you going answer?



the creation of a Uber nanny state, under the Tories, are you sure?

a two state solution, one state for the rich and one for the poor,

It’s ethical cleansing of the abstemious kind,

a bleaching out of colour’s collective mind, set,

that once let, the kindness of strangers out of its cage,

all that selfless sacrifice got us closer to reading off the same page,

and that quality of anonymity translated into a generosity of rage,

lest we forget,

that courage that rose and met,

to keep that eugenic wolf from our shores?

money’s fumes consumes the common sense,

beyond any euphoric mind altering substance,

blood tested to make doubly sure,

that the poor are as pure,

as the chauffeur driven (snort) snow,

Al Capone of a ring tone,

smart phone,

ringing from his grave,

‘rang around for a long long time’, this time you call me Dave,

With milk shake-makeshift distilleries,

and DIY pilleries,

Processing cleaning fluid based pills,

that fulfills,

the deeply desired delusion that window sills,

are really very so much closer to pavements, than meets the eye

so bring on the engravements, and sigh

to unwritten empty wills,

that children memorise to read out loud at funerals,

with out frills,

When are the rich gonna pay their bills?

When are the rich going to pay their bills?

To let to let to let ad infinitum, stills …

cause money’s motion,

is our demotion, to the b team,

while money’s scheme plays out,

its like watching a dream,

where the dreamer has no doubt,

that this is real,

money’s fumes consumes the common sense,

beyond any euphoric mind altering substance,

A life, in a state of sobriety,

While the rich, indulge anxiety, powder,

getting louder and louder and louder, and louder,

So the rich can get themselves into any state that money can buy,

especially if that state’s child labour laws are a bit fly,

Its like some neo-liberal health and safety joke,

‘Have you heard the one about the fire doors locked with fire alarms broke,

why shouldn’t children in the third world be allowed to smoke?’

money’s fumes consumes the common sense,

beyond any euphoric mind altering substance,

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